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Subject Teachers - Handwork

- - Not open for enrollment - -

The Teacher Training Program for Handwork Subject Teachers focuses on the philosophical foundations of Waldorf education, age-appropriate lessons for the grades curriculum, practical skills, and mentoring with master teachers. Also included are continuing independent study and observation in Waldorf schools during the school year. Other areas may include therapeutic applications, collegial relationships, classroom management, and parent education.

This program will...

  • Deepen your understanding of the philosophical foundations of Waldorf Education;
  • Provide age-appropriate lessons that meet the child’s changing developmental needs and inspire love for learning;
  • Allow you to work with master teachers to develop capacities and practical skills; and
  • Prepare you to work in a classroom and contribute to your school community with confidence and creativity.


Modified Summer Foundation Courses for Subject Teacher Training (designed to be taken concurrently in the summer).

Prior experience with the various handcrafts


Program Overview

This program takes place over the course of three years, and each year includes the following elements: A three-week, summer session at our Fair Oaks campus (this includes the modified Foundation Courses for Subject Teachers, which is the first week of each summer session); a five-day session in the spring and supplementary coursework in-between sessions.  

Summer session classes are typically from 8:30am till as late as 9pm (depending on the year and week). Spring sessions occur over a long weekend (Thursday - Tuesday), with classes from 8 AM till 8:30 PM, except the first and last day which can be shorter.

*In some cases, foundation coursework done at another institution can be transferred to RSC. This requires submission of transcripts and a Transfer of Credit Request. Please contact Admissions for more information.

This program begins in late June with the modified Summer Foundation Courses and first two weeks of July with the teacher training curriculum courses, and accepts new students every summer.

Core Studies

  • Developing the Artistic Capacities of the Teacher: Eurythmy, Painting and Color, Speech, Woodworking, Clay Modeling, Form Drawing, Dark and Light Drawing, Spacial Dynamics.

  • Conceptual Foundations of Waldorf Education Focusing on the Subject: Inner Nature of Curriculum, Evolution of Consciousness, Physiology of the Human Being.

  • Curriculum, Methods and Practical Skills: Curriculum through the Grades

  • Foundations of Human Experience

  • Special Topic Forums: Therapeutic Applications, Collegial Relationships, Classroom Management, Parent Education.

  • Practice Teaching, Observation and Mentoring

  • Curriculum Project


Successful completion of this program culminates in a Waldorf Teaching Certificate for Subject Teachers.

How to Apply

Not currently open for new enrollment. For information about the Admissions process, Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid, go to our Admissions page or contact us.

Please visit the BPPE Report and School Performance Fact Sheets webpage for information such as enrollment, graduation and employment of graduates for this program. 

Program Coordinators

Alecia Dodge, B.S., is the coordinator for the Handwork Program. B.S. Home Economics, University of California, Davis; Waldorf Applied Arts Certificate in Handwork, Sunbridge College; ten years professional dressmaker; 14 years handwork teacher, Waldorf School of Santa Barbara; handwork workshop leader, Waldorf Institute of Southern California; four years handwork teacher, Waldorf School of the Peninsula, C.A.; and currently a class teacher at Waldorf School of Santa Barbara.

Patricia Dickson, M.A., is the administrator of the Waldorf Subject Teacher programs, as well as an art faculty member who teaches sculpting; M.A. summa cum laude, Art and Psychology, California State University; B.A., University of Wisconsin; 14 years vocal study, 5 years of which were at the Royal Academy of Music , London, England; certificates in arts of Ikebana, and Tea Ceremony, Japan; Goetheanum Certificate in the Visual Arts and Goetheanum Certificate in part-time studies in Anthroposophy, Dornach, Switzerland.

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