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Waldorf Teacher Education - Summer

- - Not open for enrollment - -

The summer Teacher Education program provides an opportunity to gain a Waldorf diploma for early childhood and elementary teachers already in the classroom, and for those who are unable to participate in our full-time residential program. Here you will work side-by-side with active teachers under the guidance of our experienced faculty in order to enrich and deepen your understanding of Waldorf education. You will be provided with year-round mentors throughout the program, who will be reachable by phone and will be available to visit your classroom to offer support and feedback.

Our summer program happens during the most vibrant period of activity at Rudolf Steiner College. Because of the multiplicity of programs offered in the summer, you will mingle with educators in many different fields and find an opportunity to have lunch conversations with colleagues and faculty from all over the globe. Summer students can live in the beautiful on-campus dorms and eat healthful and delicious organic meals served ino our café. Additionally, campus life is punctuated with evening concerts and other entertainment.

This program emphasizes the practical approach to the pedagogy introduced by Rudolf Steiner and is focused on giving the practicing teacher the tools necessary to his or her craft. Through an integrated program of Foundation studies, the arts, human and self-development, and curriculum studies, the teacher will be well prepared to become an independent practitioner of the principles of Waldorf education.

Summer 2017

Foundation Courses

  • Foundation Studies: These courses are designed to be taken concurrently each summer.  In some cases, foundation credits earned at another eligible institution may be transferred. This requires an assessment, transcripts, and documentation of equivalency. Please contact Admissions for more information.

Concentrations in Early Childhood and Elementary Grades

Diploma and Degree Programs Requirements

  • Entrance Requirement: B.A. or B.S from an accredited college or university.
  • English Language Proficiency: All classes are conducted in English; non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency. Please see International Student page for details.


This three-year part-time modality includes a summer session at our Fair Oaks campus, with additional work during the fall and spring of the first and second year (see below for details).

  • Each year: 3-week summer session on the Fair Oaks campus, including Foundation courses. Classes are held Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm with some optional evening classes
  • During the first and second years:
    • webinars and mentoring in the fall and spring terms
    • a 4-day session on Fair Oaks campus in February
    • observation and student teaching in a Waldorf classroom
  • This modality ends after the third summer session

Summer Foundation Courses

♦ The Path of Self Knowledge ♦ The Evolution of Consciousness and Culture ♦ An Introduction to Waldorf Education ♦ Epistemology and Phenomenology ♦ Self-Transformation through the Arts ♦ Topics in Anthroposophy ♦

Summer Teacher Education for Early Childhood or Elementary Grades (1-8)

♦ The Philosophical Foundations of Waldorf Education ♦ Time and Visual Arts ♦ Waldorf Pedagogy ♦ Human Growth and Development ♦ The Artistic Approach in the Practice of Teaching ♦ Curriculum: Development, Differentiation, and Delivery ♦ Field Experience* ♦ Applied Research ♦

Early Childhood courses include: storytelling, singing, circle and craft activities; carving and kinderharp; the fundamentals of establishing kindergartens, preschools, parent-child programs, childcare programs, and working with licensing agencies and the community at large; and much, much more!

Elementary (grades 1-8) courses include the fundamentals of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic; phonics, whole language, and composition techniques; methodologies for teaching history, geography and science; and much, much more!


Successful completion of our summer modality of the Waldorf Teacher Education diploma/degree program culminates in a Waldorf teaching diploma (with a specialization in either Early Childhood or Elementary Education). 

How to Apply

Not currently open for new enrollment.  For information about the Admissions process, Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid, go to our Admissions page or contact us.

Please visit the BPPE Report and School Performance Fact Sheets webpage for information such as enrollment, graduation and employment of graduates for this program. 


Edmund Knighton, PhD, President and Dean of Academics, directs the Summer Foundation Courses and the Teacher Education for the Grades at Rudolf Steiner College. PhD in Clinical Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, 2009; MA in Clinical Psychology, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, 2006; BA in English Literature, University of Akron, Ohio, 1994; Remedial program, Rudolf Steiner College, 2002; High School Waldorf Teacher Training, Rudolf Steiner College, 2001; Spatial Dynamics, Spring Valley New York, 1996; Rudolf Steiner Institute, 1996. Involved in Waldorf Education since 1989. 

Core Faculty

Annie Bosque, MA,  is lead faculty in the Early Childhood Teacher Training program at Rudolf Steiner College.  She earned a Masters in Waldorf Education with a focus on how to create parent teacher partnership. Annie is a parent and an advocate for young children and their families. She is the creator of the outdoor kindergarten program at Golden Valley River School in Orangevale, CA. 

Betty Staley, MA, coordinates the High School specialization of the Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma/Degree Program. A Waldorf educator for over thirty years at the kindergarten, elementary, high school and teacher training levels, she is a founder of the Sacramento Waldorf High School where she taught history and literature for nineteen years. She is an international lecturer and consultant, and is one of the founders of Rudolf Steiner College. Betty has also authored six books, including, "Between Form and Freedom: A Practical Guide to the Teenage Years;" "Hear the Voice of the Griot!: A Guide to the History, Geography and Culture of Africa;" "Tapestries: Weaving Life's Journey;" and, "Adolescence: The Sacred Passage, Inspired by the Legend of Parzival."