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Biodynamic Vegetables & Medicinal Plants Internships

The deadline for the 2017-2018 internship has passed and is closed for this academic year. Please check back in spring of 2018 for our new internship opportunities.


Biodynamic Vegetables & Medicinal Plants Education

Rudolf Steiner College proudly announces a new biodynamic vegetables and herbal medicine student internship program beginning in August 2017. This opportunity is for a limited number of students to farm vegetables and study biodynamic herbal medicine through a hands-on internship. This is an amazing opportunity for hardworking and exceptional students who are interested in the production of biodynamic herbal remedies, the cultivation of medicinal herbs, growing biodynamic vegetables, and working with animals.

Designed with a balance of theory and practice, this program will be especially focused for those who would like to work as herbal growers, small-scale farmers, and teachers. It is a starting point for the education needed to become a farmer.


This Internship Offers:

  • Training in essential oil and hydrosol distillation under the guidance of Dennis Klocek.    
  • Training in cultivation, drying, and preservation of medicinal herbs with Cyndi Pointer, RSC’s biodynamic farmer.
  • Training in small-scale biodynamic specialty crop production, biodynamic pasture management, small-scale biodynamic orchard production, and small-scale biodynamic animal husbandry.
  • Twice monthly classroom education through on-campus trainings and workshops taught by Dennis Klocek and other biodynamic practitioners.
  • The opportunity to work alongside and positively influence Meristem students, young adults on the autism spectrum, and to help them develop practical life skills, increase social capacity, and transition to work and independence. Interns will role model core principles of Meristem and demonstrate a strong work ethic on the farm.
  • Composting, irrigation, working with biodynamic preparations, soil preparation (both hand and small tractor), soil cultivation, seed saving, harvesting, drying, preservation, and processing nutrient dense plants.
  • Onsite housing, vegetables, fruit, and eggs, and a modest stipend.

We are looking for interns who feel called to working with medicinal plants, are dedicated to food as medicine, and are interested in working within the context of healing others through this work. This position is both rewarding and demanding. This program is a one-year commitment with the possibility of extending into a second year.

For more information about biodynamic agriculture at Rudolf Steiner College, click here.