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Elementary Grades

Waldorf Education for the Elementary Grades (1st-8th)

This specialization in RSC's Waldorf Teacher Education Program focuses on preparing teachers to not only guide children through the main lesson blocks, but also to foster a genuine love of learning that each child will carry for a lifetime. The curriculum includes an overview, examples and resources for lesson blocks in each of the eight grades, as well as two, month-long practicums in which students are able to learn side-by-side with an experienced teacher. 

The specialization in elementary grades will not only give you the skills necessary to meet the developmental and academic needs of children in all eight grades, but also the understanding to grasp and manage the great transitions that take place throughout this time. In addition to studies of child development, Waldorf elementary grades training includes pedagogy, methodology, creative integration of the arts, and practical aspects such as classroom management. When you graduate, your Diploma will be recognized at Waldorf schools worldwide. 

Graduate statistics and information such as enrollment, graduation and employment of graduates for each of our programs can be found at BPPE Report and School Performance Fact Sheets.

The specialization in Grades is available in the Residential, Weekend/Summer and Summer Modalities.


  • B.A. or B.S from an accredited college or university; undergraduate degree does not need to be in education.
  • English Language Proficiency: All classes are conducted in English; non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency. Please see Application Requirements for details.


Teacher Education, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Field Experience

  • The Philosophical Foundations of Waldorf Education: Knowledge of the Human Being • Inner Development of the Teacher • School, Community and the Individual • The mindfulness practice of Waldorf methodology.
  • The Artistic Approach in the Practice of Teaching includes the following: The Time Arts (speech, drama, music, movement) • The Visual Arts (painting, drawing, clay, etc.)
  • Grades Curriculum Work: Development, Differentiation and Delivery • Waldorf Pedagogy.
  • Field Experience: Apprentice in the classroom with Master Waldorf teachers and share in the subtleties of their craft (8 weeks total, 4 weeks in both the Fall and Spring Terms of Year Two).

Elementary Grades curriculum includes: The fundamentals of teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, phonics, whole language, and composition techniques; the early years, the golden years and the middle school years; methodologies for teaching Science, Geography, Language Arts, History, and Mathematics; and  more!