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Early Childhood

Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher Education 

Rudolf Steiner College offers Early Childhood Education (ECE) for future teachers who plan to work with young children. We are pleased to offer a complete birth to seven early childhood training that prepares our students for teaching in parent-infant, parent-child, nursery and kindergarten classes. 

Our early childhood program is based on the latest research and our understanding of the need to protect the wonder of childhood, including the child’s right to learn through creative play. The curriculum is focused on developmentally appropriate care giving and education with emphasis on the young child’s physical, emotional and mental health. Students learn activities that help foster enthusiastic learning, intellectual growth, self-esteem and social responsibility.


  • B.A. or B.S. from an accredited college or university; degree does not need to be in education.
  • English Language Proficiency: All classes are conducted in English; non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency. Please see Application Requirements for details. 

Program Overview

Foundation in Anthroposophy: The Nature of the Human Being • Human Development • The Evolution of Consciousness • Rudolf Steiner’s Life and Work • Personal Biography and Life Cycles • Visual and Performing Arts • Nature Study • Cosmology

Introduction to Waldorf Education: The Theory and Practice of Waldorf Education • Waldorf Curriculum and Methods • Child Development and Observation
Other areas of study: The Arts • Threefold Social Sustainability • American Studies

The Philosophical Foundations of Waldorf Education: Knowledge of the Human Being • Inner Development of the Teacher • School, Community and the Individual • The mindfulness practice of Waldorf methodology

The Artistic Approach in the Practice of Teaching includes the following: The Time Arts (speech, drama, music, movement) • The Visual Arts (painting, drawing, clay, etc.)
Curriculum Work • Development, Differentiation and Delivery • Waldorf Pedagogy 

The Early Childhood Education curriculum includes: Storytelling, singing, circle and craft activities; fundamentals of establishing kindergartens, preschools, parent-child and child care programs; working with licensing agencies and the community at large; and much, much more!

Field Experience: Apprentice in the classroom with Master Waldorf teachers and share in the subtleties of their craft (8 weeks total, 4 weeks in both the first and second semesters)


Successful completion of this program culminates in a Waldorf Teaching Diploma. 

How to Apply

For further information use these links: Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements, Program Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Please visit the BPPE Report and School Performance Fact Sheets webpage for information such as enrollment, graduation and employment of graduates for this program.