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Community Learning Centers

Community Learning Centers

&elps;offer intensive multi-day workshops in various locations for people who wish to deepen their understanding of the work of Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy, and Waldorf education. CLCs are often hosted by school communities who want to offer to their faculty, parent body, or friends the opportunity to meet and study with the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College. The curriculum and teaching will be arranged by Rudolf Steiner College. Local school faculty and Rudolf Steiner College faculty will be the featured instructors.

CLCs create individual multi-day workshops in the students’ home communities. To avoid repetition, each workshop is designed to offer unique content, fusing rich anthroposophical studies with artistic experience with music, painting and/or eurythmy. A variety of subject material may be offered over the course of three years, with 2, 3, or 4 workshops per year.

Many people attend CLC workshops because they are interested in learning about the fundamentals of Waldorf education and in possibly preparing to become teachers themselves. Others attend for personal and family enrichment, preparation for future Waldorf activities, or for other professional venues.

Community Learning Center Courses

In general, courses offered in the Community Learning Centers will focus on basic anthroposophy and the arts.  Courses likely to be given are included in the list that follows. No academic credit is given for these courses.

An Introduction to Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education Human Destiny
The Nature of the Human Being The Philosophy of Freedom
Cosmology Nature Studies
The Temperaments Human Physiology from the Standpoint of Spiritual Psychology
Parzival or Faust Studies in the Spiritual Foundations of America
Selected Topics in Anthroposophy Painting
Nature Drawing Singing
Music (Recorder/wooden flute) Eurythmy
Clay Modeling The Nature of the Human Being

Fees: The cost of the each CLC workshop series is determined by its length. The entire workshop series for a year is $2500. Reduced fees may be available for guests: inquire with the workshop director. Individual courses in each session of the CLC can also be taken separately.

Financial Aid: Please contact our Financial Aid Administrator Robin Gallowglas at .

Students may apply for financial aid for the Summer Teacher Education Program/Early Childhood and Gradesthe Summer High School Teacher Education Program; and the Subject Teacher Education Program

Community Learning Centers have already been established in: Anchorage, Alaska; Denver, Colorado; Montreal, Canada; Nevada City, California; and Citrus Heights, California. Others are in process of being initiated. A minimum of ten students is required to establish a Community Learning Center in a particular area.

Teacher Education Program Courses and CLCs

Rudolf Steiner College has a policy of admitting students into its Teacher Education program who can demonstrate that they have a firm basis in the foundational studies that underlie its philosophy. The classes taught in the CLCs include many subjects that are fundamental to Waldorf teacher education.

Students who are interested in entering any of the Waldorf teacher training programs will keep a logbook that shows which classes they have attended; if their work is deemed to be sufficient, they may apply for enrollment into: the Summer Teacher Education Program/Early Childhood and Grades; the Summer High School Teacher Education Program; and the Subject Teacher Education Program

To receive an AWSNA-recognized diploma, students must qualify for, enroll in, and successfully complete one of the Summer Waldorf Teacher Education Programs at Rudolf Steiner College specified above. Upon successful completion of one of these three programs, students will receive a Diploma in Waldorf Education recognized by the Association of Waldorf Schools of  North America.

  • The Summer Waldorf Teacher Education Program/Early Childhood and Grades: three-weeks per summer for three summers.
  • The Summer High School Teacher Education Program: three-weeks per summer for three summers. 
  • The Waldorf Special Subject Teacher Education Program: two weeks per summer for three summers, plus a long weekend in February for three years.

Please see the online course catalogue for details of course offerings.  Each of the three programs addresses the educational theory and philosophy of Waldorf education, child development, and the application and curriculum specific to the program. In addition, students have observation and practice teaching requirements.

Enrollment: Please email for information about the Community Learning Centers, or phone 916-961-8727 or learn more about locations, course schedules, and registration information. Contact the Admissions Office for enrollment information for the Summer Waldorf Teacher Education Program.