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Foundation in Anthroposophy

- - Not open for enrollment - -

The Foundation courses are a creative gateway into the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy (the wisdom of becoming human). This path of discovery, self-transformation and practical activity leads toward professions that renew culture and heal the earth. These courses are part of the all of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program Modalities. As a stand-alone these courses are for self-development and personal growth.

Each of us bears three essential questions in her/his heart:

  1. “Who am I?”
  2. “What is my relationship with other human beings and with the world?”
  3. “What is my mission here as a citizen of the Earth and of the Cosmos?” The Foundation Program and Year One provide insights, tools and pathways of inner and outer work through which each individual can creatively find her/his own answers.

By working with the whole human being – head, heart, and hands/limbs – one can find meaningful answers to these questions. ‘Abstract’ knowledge serves only the head, not the heart and hands. These programs in Anthroposophy balance and interweave five educational approaches to self-transformation:

  • Intensive study of the work of Rudolf Steiner
  • Meditation and inner work
  • Creative artistic activity
  • Conversation and community-building activity, and
  • Practical application and skill-development

Working within the community of the classroom, the student is given the opportunity to gain greater certainty in knowing the world, experience new perceptions and insights, awaken sensitivity in social relationships, develop new capacities to apply in professional development, and become more clearly aligned with her/his spiritual individuality and life-task. Like Parzival, all human beings are on a creative quest: we strive to become spirits of freedom and love.

A portal into many professions, the anthroposophical studies at Rudolf Steiner College serve as the foundation for entry into Waldorf Teacher Education for those who wish to become Waldorf school teachers in Early Childhood,and Elementary Grades. Students may also prepare for further studies in Biodynamic agriculture and horticulture; beekeeping; remedial education; medicine; the social sciences; the arts of eurythmy, drama, speech, painting, sculpture, music, and architecture, and many other professions. The foundation work at Rudolf Steiner College is known throughout the world for its universality, diversity, depth and high quality.

Students explore the nature of the human being as body, soul, and spirit; chart the unfolding of their own biographies; seek the deeper meaning of life; grasp the laws of karma and reincarnation; and strive to create new forms through practical work and community building. This exploration opens exciting vistas into the inner laws of nature and spirit; the evolution of the Earth and changing human consciousness; the relationships between East and West; the mysteries of the Grail; freedom, love and individual creativity; and the challenges and opportunities facing us in our time.

Designed to foster individual creative capacities, each day begins with enlivening artistic activity in eurythmy, speech, gymnastic movement, or instrumental music, followed by seminar study of Rudolf Steiner’s essential works and lively presentations demonstrating how his ideas deepen our understanding of the individual, community, Earth, and Cosmos. Skill-building afternoon activities include clay modeling, choral singing, biodynamic gardening, nature drawing and painting, form drawing, veil painting, handwork, and drama.

Classes integrate the arts and sciences along with the inner schooling of consciousness to help bring clarity in thinking, balance in the life of feeling, and strength and direction to one’s will. Because they kindle imagination, flexibility, and inner growth, the visual arts—drawing, painting, and sculpture — form a significant part of the coursework. Intensive work in the performing arts strengthens self-confidence, deepens artistic perception, develops sensitivities and awakens social capacities. 


  • High School graduation or GED

  • English Language Proficiency: All classes are conducted in English; non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency. Please see International Student page for details.


- - Not open for enrollment - -

The Foundation courses are offered in the Summer Waldorf Teacher Education Program. Some classes may be open for auditing.

Foundation Courses in Anthroposophy include:

• The Nature of the Human Being and Human Development • Parzival • Rudolf Steiner’s Life and Work • Evolution of Consciousness as a Basis for the History of Art and Philosophy • How to Know Higher Worlds • The Philosophy of Freedom • Phenomenology and Nature Study • Cosmology and Grail Studies • Biography and Life Cycles • Visual and Performing Arts • Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity • Evolution of Consciousness as a Basis for the History of Art and Philosophy • Spiritual Mission of America • Reincarnation and Karma • Threefold Social Organism • Arts Festival & Projects

Aim of the Foundation Program in Anthroposophy

To provide comprehensive introductions to the worldviews of anthroposophy (spiritual science) that are relevant for everyday life, and to prepare students to enter practical vocations inspired by and renewed from the wellsprings of anthroposophy.


The student will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the cosmology derived from Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific investigations.
  2. Understand and articulate the principles of Karma and Reincarnation as presented by Rudolf Steiner.
  3. Trace the evolution of western epistemology in light of Rudolf Steiner’s book, The Philosophy of Freedom.
  4. Develop capacities to engage in creative artistic activity as a means of enhancing experiential knowledge.
  5. Comprehend the nature of the human being from a spiritual scientific viewpoint.
  6. Articulate the evolution of human consciousness through history.
  7. Gain perspectives on the social relevance of Rudolf Steiner’s vision for an active anthroposophical practice of inner work and social renewal.

How to Apply

Not currently open for new enrollment, For information about the Admissions process, Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid, go to our Admissions page or contact us.

Please visit the BPPE Report and School Performance Fact Sheets webpage for information such as enrollment, graduation and employment of graduates for this program. 

Core Faculty:

Dennis Klocek, MFA is an artist, scientist, teacher, researcher, gardener, and alchemist. After graduating with a MFA in 1975 from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a thesis on Goethe’s color theory, he taught for seven years at a community college.  In 1982, his love for the work of Rudolf Steiner took him to Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California, where he has been the director of their Consciousness Studies Program (”Goethean Studies”) since 1992. Dennis is engaged in research, teaching, and writing in many fields, including weather, gardening, color therapy, meditation and the human organism, embryology, and sensory transformation.

Brian Gray, M.L.Arch. is Core Faculty for the Foundation Program. Since 1981, Brian has been teaching and lecturing on anthroposophical topics for Rudolf Steiner College programs in Fair Oaks and in the Bay Area. Brian has helped to lead tours through Europe and Egypt exploring sacred architecture and Grail mysteries. His research includes the realms of Star Wisdom, Cosmology, Astro-Gaiasophy, Sacred Architecture, and Esoteric Christianity. Brian earned a B.Arch. in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, 1967; a M.L.Arch. (Landscape Architecture) from University of Pennsylvania, 1972; and a certificate in Waldorf Teacher Education from Rudolf Steiner College, 1981. Brian entered RSC’s Foundation Year in 1979, taught by René Querido. For fourteen years - from 1991 – 1998 and from 2006 to 2014 - Brian has served as Director of the Foundation Program in Anthroposophy.



Spiritual science is rightly understood if it is assimilated like a spiritual food, and allowed to grow and mature within. It is rightly understood if in moments of sorrow or happiness, of devotion and exaltation, or when life threatens to fall apart, one experiences the hope, strength and incentive to action it brings.
-Rudolf Steiner

This year of anthroposophical study, self exploration, and grooming of hidden artistic talents has been more satisfying than any previous educational endeavor.
-Carolyn Peterson, PhD, 2005-2006

This past year has been a beautiful journey and a precious gift. The wise curriculum and loving staff supported me through deep personal transformation, allowing me to live from the place of my greatest potential – the place of my heart. For this I will be eternally grateful.
-Heather Fields, 2006-2007

This is life training. This is about experiencing deeply who you are and why you are here on earth. This is a training that helps you to reach your potential in this lifetime, not only for yourself, but for all of humanity. The support and guidance from my classmates and teachers have made this journey most beautiful and deep.
-Jennifer De Renzi, 2006-2007

I entered the Foundation Program not with plans of becoming a Waldorf teacher, but because I wanted to delve into spiritual inquiries, creative endeavors and community life. I was able to do all that and more during the course of the year. Through the Foundation Program, I also experienced a transformation: I became more myself.
-Bridget Blanning, 2012-2013