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Foundation in Anthroposophy - Workshops

The Foundation studies are a creative gateway into the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy (the wisdom of becoming human). This path of discovery, self-transformation and practical activity leads toward professions that renew culture and heal the earth. These stand-alone courses are for self-development. personal growth and professional development.

Each of us bears three essential questions in her/his heart:

  1. “Who am I?”
  2. “What is my relationship with other human beings and with the world?”
  3. “What is my mission here as a citizen of the Earth and of the Cosmos?” The Foundation Program and Year One provide insights, tools and pathways of inner and outer work through which each individual can creatively find her/his own answers.

By working with the whole human being – head, heart, and hands/limbs – one can find meaningful answers to these questions. ‘Abstract’ knowledge serves only the head, not the heart and hands. These workshops in Anthroposophy balance and interweave five educational approaches to self-transformation:

  • Intensive study of the work of Rudolf Steiner
  • Meditation and inner work
  • Creative artistic activity
  • Conversation and community-building activity, and
  • Practical application and skill-development

Working within the community of the classroom, the participants are given the opportunity to gain greater certainty in knowing the world, experience new perceptions and insights, awaken sensitivity in social relationships, develop new capacities to apply in professional development, and become more clearly aligned with their spiritual individuality and life-task. Like Parzival, all human beings are on a creative quest: we strive to become spirits of freedom and love.

A portal into many professions, the anthroposophical studies may serve as the foundation for entry into Waldorf Teacher Education at other institutions. Participants are encouraged to inquire at the training institution of their choice about what will be recognized and accepted before taking any workshops at RSC. Students may also prepare for further studies in Biodynamic agriculture and horticulture; beekeeping;  medicine; the social sciences; the arts of eurythmy, drama, speech, painting, sculpture, music, and architecture, and many other professions. 

These studies allow participants to explore topics such as the nature of the human being as body, soul, and spirit; chart the unfolding of their own biographies; seek the deeper meaning of life; grasp the laws of karma and reincarnation; and strive to create new forms through practical work and community building. This exploration opens exciting vistas into the inner laws of nature and spirit; the evolution of the Earth and changing human consciousness; the relationships between East and West; the mysteries of the Grail; freedom, love and individual creativity; and the challenges and opportunities facing us in our time. Events may also include or focus on fostering individual creative capacities through eurythmy, speech, gymnastic movement, or instrumental music, clay modeling, choral singing, biodynamic gardening, nature drawing and painting, form drawing, veil painting, handwork, or drama.

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Spiritual science is rightly understood if it is assimilated like a spiritual food, and allowed to grow and mature within. It is rightly understood if in moments of sorrow or happiness, of devotion and exaltation, or when life threatens to fall apart, one experiences the hope, strength and incentive to action it brings.
-Rudolf Steiner