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Alumni Association

Rudolf Steiner College's Alumni Association is open to persons who have been enrolled in a full or part-time matriculated program and/or workshop series at the College. These include the following:

  • Foundation Year and Teacher Education programs—fulltime residential, summer, and hybrid versions
  • Community Learning Center (CLC) Workshop Series
  • Pre-2008 Consciousness Studies (formerly Goethean Studies)
  • Foreign Language, Handwork, Remedial, ECISP, Lifeways, Waldorf Administrator programs
  • RSC/Touro University MA in Waldorf Education with a state-approved BA completion and MA.
  • Waldorf Administration Program
  • Nature and Arts Program for Japanese Speakers
  • Eurythmy training

Persons who have completed the one-year training in Biodynamic agriculture in Raphael Garden also are eligible to join.

Purpose of the Alumni Association

The general purpose of the Association is to foster an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni and to make the resources of the College available to alumni for their professional and personal development. Particular aims include:

  • Keeping alumni informed about developments in the life of the College
  • Keeping the College informed about developments in the lives of alumni
  • Making the educational and cultural resources of the College available to alumni
  • Drawing on the experience and wisdom of alumni to enrich the life of the College
  • Fostering ongoing relationships among alumni
  • Helping the College to serve the ongoing professional needs of the alumni
  • Providing alumni an opportunity to support the mission and interests of the College

Association Activities & Benefits

  • Periodic gatherings of alumni and College personnel including an event at the annual teachers’ conference in February
  • Distribution to interested alumni of News&Clues, the internal weekly newsletter of the College
  • Distribution of a monthly special edition of News&Clues which includes personal news notes from alumni
  • Distribution to interested alumni of a planned biannual Rudolf Steiner College Alumni Journal which will contain articles written by College faculty, alumni, and staff on topics related to education and child development, Anthroposophy and its practical applications, and current events and issues in the light of Anthroposophy.
  • Discounts on selected workshops, lectures, and other College events
  • Discounts on rental of College facilities for special occasions such as weddings and family reunions

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