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Cynthia Hoven, MA

Cynthia Hoven

Cynthia Hoven was born in the United States and has traveled extensively around the world. She expresses appreciation for the huge variety of human experiences that she was fortunate to live into through immersion in many different cultures.

In her university studies, Cynthia studied math, physics and psychology, although her core interest was pursuing an understanding of the worlds of spirit and matter. In 1975 her quest led her to the works of Rudolf Steiner, and she perceived that in eurythmy she would have a means of working with spiritually attuned movement in the realm of healing. She received her eurythmy diploma from the Goldridge Eurythmy School in Auburn, California in 1979, and then traveled to the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, where she joined the stage group for two seasons. In 1982, she received her diploma in Therapeutic Eurythmy from Stuttgart, Germany, and has worked since then in hospitals, clinics and private practices.

In 1992, she became the director of the Weekend Foundation Studies program at Rudolf Steiner College, and assumed responsibility for teaching all the eurythmy classes at RSC in 1994. She continues to perform, lecture and teach classes in public and private venues, and is working on a book about the spiritual origins of eurythmy. Following a dream she has long held, Cynthia founded the eurythmy training at Rudolf Steiner College in 2002. Cythina also authors